Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cocoa - Island of my Dreams - Day 3

To live life to the fullest, is to be able to experience and to let go.

Day 3. Awaiting sunrise.

Sunrise @ 6:04am.

Enjoy nature's quiet, the essence of Cocoa island - serenity's restorative power.

Sugar cubes, salt flakes, pepper grains, butter.

Decaffeinated black coffee set.

Add sugar cube.

Add milk.

Stir well. And you get a nice cuppa sweet milky hot coffee.

Collection of honey directly from honeycomb.

Honey honey honey.

Bird watching while waiting for breakfast to be served.

Nature's beauty speaks for itself.

Breakfast for him.
Cocoa breakfast: eggs cooked to your liking with potato roesti, roast tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon or chipolatas.

Breakfast for her.
Egg white and zucchini frittata with roast tomatoes, wilted spinach, asparagus and rocket.

Self-designed fruit platter.

24-hour internet room.

The 24-hour visitors lounge

Same room, different angle.

Reading pleasure.

View from upper deck outside the gym room

Complimentary gym utilities.

Play-pretend jogging track.

Hard to keep away from the heated hydro-therapy pool.

Stretch of sandbed inward-looking to Cocoa. Now you see it.

Stretch of sandbed inward-looking to Cocoa. Now you don't.

While it feels amazing to be standing on a stretch of higher ground sandbed, it is rather intimidating to be in the middle of nowhere; and all the while watching the seawater lapping at your feet voraciously.

Stretch of sandbed outward-looking to Ocean. Now you don't see it.

Now you do.

Picturesque. A picture within a picture.

Swimming in a pool of ocean look alike.

Day 3 dinner.
For him & her.
Charcoal grilled sirloin with grated radish, parsley, green olives, capers and lemon.

For him. Mango lassi: mango, blended with creamy milk.

For her. Maldivan toddy: coconut juice, syrup, soda blend, sprinkled with cinnamon powder.

Top off the night with flouress chocolate cake with berries topping, and chocolate ice-cream.

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