Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cocoa - Island of my Dreams - Day 2

Taking things in a slow-down, unhurried mode is to drink and bask in sweet nature's wonders.

Day 2.
Breakfast at Ulaa restaurant, the one and only restauant on Cocoa island.

Our breakfast menu.

For him, Shambhala origin brown rice porridge, fish, green onion, wakane and silken tofu.

For her, waffles with mango, passion fruit and coconut slices.

The combined power breakfast.

Self-designed fruit platter.

Leaving footprints.

A slow stroll back to boat house after a hearty breakfast.

Hello crabby.

A dip in the clear ocean.

Follow the fishes.

Heated hydro-therapy pool.

Same pool but different angel.

Enjoy the complimentary hot Shambhala ginger tea after the swim.

The hot Shambhala ginger tea, a must try.

20 laps checked.

Hard at work posting.

Day 2 dinner. Complimentary appetizer.

For him, Bodu beru: banana soy milk and cashew nuts blend.
For her, Jetty: fresh strawberry, ginger syrup topped with lemonade.

For him.
Main course: grilled sirloin with grated radish, parsley, green olives, capers and lemon.
Side dish: steamed chat potatoes with parsley butter.

For her.
Main course: seared scallops with ricotta gnocchi, parmesan, crispy sage and brown butter.

For her.
Side dish: sauteed baby beans with creamy anchovy, chilli, lemon dressing and toasted almonds.

Dinner at a glance.

Passion soufflé and passion fruit ice-cream to end the meal.

Bill of the night. A perfect score to offset the gratis credit.

Excellent way to end a stormy night filled with booming thunder and flashy lightning.

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