Thursday, December 14, 2017

Review: The Color of a Christmas Miracle (The Color of Heaven #12 ) by Julianne MacLean

4 stars for The Color of a Christmas Miracle (The Color of Heaven book 12 ) by Julianne MacLean.

It has been three years and then some since I read book 1 of The Color of Heaven series. Having loved that story much, I decide to fast forward and read book 12 The Color of a Christmas Miracle this time. After all, what better way is there to get deep into the festive mood than be surrounded by Christmas-themed stories and Christmas miracles?

Heartwarming and inspiring, this is the story of a woman's journey to find happiness.

Much as the story is filled with frustration, anguish, pain, loneliness and heartbreak, it touches my heart in some way for the tale is equally packed full of hope, joy, faith, love and certainly, of Christmas miracles.

Well.. I will say that the ending is easily predictable with no surprises there, but still, I love the message that the story delivers across - love is not a race. Whatever's meant to be, will be.

Publisher: Julianne MacLean Publishing Inc.; 1 edition
Publication date: 28 Oct 2016


Claire Radcliffe has been blessed with a wonderful life—a loving husband, a fulfilling career, and a perfect house in a charming historic neighborhood. But with each Christmas that passes, the one thing she longs for most of all continues to elude her, and before long, her life doesn’t seem so perfect anymore.

When yet another holiday season approaches and her marriage suffers the worst possible blow, Claire must learn to have faith in destiny, and allow herself to believe that miracles can happen to anyone—especially at Christmastime.

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