Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: Looking for Trouble (Sal Kilkenny #1) by Cath Staincliffe

3 stars for Looking for Trouble (Sal Kilkenny book 1) by Cath Staincliffe.

This is likely Cath Staincliffe's debut novel. Not too bad a story considering it is her first book but the editing can have been better.

The story is uneventful and does not excite me much intially. Then all of a sudden, a seemingly straightforward case of searching for a missing teenager spirals into more and I find myself turning the pages in a bid to unravel the mystery.

Publisher: Robinson Publishing
Publication date: 2012


She’s a single parent. A private eye. And liking it. Until, that is, Mrs Hobbs turns up asking Sal Kilkenny to find her missing son. Sal’s search takes her through the Manchester underworld, a world of  deprivation and petty theft, of well-heeled organised crime and ultimately, murder. Would she have taken the job on if she had known what she was getting into? Probably, because Sal is fired with the desire to see justice done, to avenge the death of a young lad whose only crime was knowing too much…

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