Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson #2) by Patricia Briggs

4 stars for Blood Bound (Mercy Thompson Book 2) by Patricia Briggs.

I move on to Blood Bound almost immediately upon finishing Book 1 Moon Called as I thirst for more of Mercy Thompson and her first person account of exciting happenings.

As insinuated by the book title, Blood Bound is about Mercy and her quests involving all things blood, that is the bloodsuckers, or what we commonly termed vampires. Here Mercy has been called upon to repay a favor that requires huge doses of stealth, and since she can shapeshift at will, who else but Mercy makes the best candidate for the job while killing two birds with one stone.

Book 2 Blood Bound is definitely a much easier and better read than book 1 Moon Called. While readers are introduced to more story characters, it does not feel overwhelming or complicated; and the narration flows smoothly with well developed storyline.

Publisher: Ace Hardcover
Publication date: 4 Jan 2011


What could frighten a vampire? Mercy is about to find out. While repaying a favor, Mercy finds herself face to face with a monster that should not exist. Her hunt for the monster will lead her deep into the realm of of the vampire -- where she will discover more than she wanted to about herself and the people she loves.

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