Sunday, September 18, 2016

Review: The Second Husband by Louise Candlish

3 stars for The Second Husband by Louise Candlish.

A well executed story but a painful one at that, of a woman who plays multiple roles.

This story is perhaps a reality check on relationships where people throw caution to the wind and simply follow where their hearts lead them regardless of consequences. I'm not sure what intention the author has in mind but the message that glides across from reading this novel is that people in the UK do live with their families but it is either with the stepmother or stepfather, not exactly a rosy family picture.

Much as I enjoy the story setting and polished prose, it is equally exhausting and frustrating to be reading about a woman who constantly mourns after an ex-husband, has endless fights with a seventeen-year old adolescent and is oblivious to the fact that she has lost ground even before the battle has started.

Read it if you think you have the stomach for it.

Publisher: Sphere
Publication date: 3 Jul 2008


When Davis Calder moves in next door to Kate Easton and her seventeen-year-old daughter Roxy, neither has any idea of the devastation about to be unleashed. With Kate struggling to accept her daughter's independence and Roxy getting more secretive by the day, there's enough family tension to go around already.

Before they know it, glamorous, charismatic Davis is the only one who seems able to keep the peace. Until, one wedding day later, Kate makes a discovery that blows the whole family apart...

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