Review Ratings


I write my reviews to share on how I feel about a book. They are mainly about my thoughts and feelings. I try my best not to include any spoilers so that should any reader be inspired or intrigued enough to read the book, that reader can take pleasure in my review without having the story or reading process ruined.


5 Stars - Absolutely Amazing.
I will love to stay up all night to finish reading.

4.5 Stars - Brilliantly Beautiful.
I can hardly put the book down to go to bed.

4 Stars - Captivatingly Charming.
I will want to keep turning the pages.

3.5 Stars - Delightfully Doable.
I can finish reading within a couple of days.

3 Stars – Enjoyably Entertaining.
I will read the book at a leisurely pace.

2.5 Stars – Fairly Fair.
I can read and still appreciate the story.

2 Stars - Gently Grim.
I will skim through the book if need be.

1.5 Stars – Honestly Horrible.
I can barely stand the story.

1 Star – Insufferably Icky.
I will not hesitate to skip chunks and jump to the end.

DNF – Justly Junk.
I cannot make myself finish reading.

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