About Shelly

  • I am presently twenty-seven, but that will depend on which year you read this. Unless the sun rises from the west, I expect this number to go higher only.
  • I have two lovely daughters. They are my jewel and coral.
  • I love blackforest cake.
  • My favorite color is purple.
  • I am an avid book lover who practically lives and breathes in the world of fiction.
  • I admit to a love of first person narratives, that is, stories told from the viewpoint of a character speaking about himself/herself or sharing events that he/she is experiencing. As such, I used to read only books written from first person point of view.
  • To avoid exhausting my reading list, I am now more receptive of books written from third person point of view, but preference is and always will be first person.
  • Not sure why but I used to shy away from contemporary romance as if oil meets water.
  • Now I read almost all genre of books.
  • My favorite genre is and always will be science-fiction romance, followed by paranormal romance and urban fantasy.
  • My to-be-read list is growing longer by the day as I am constantly in search of good reads.
  • Where I go, my book follows.

Favorite Quote

  • If you want an explanation for your present, look at your past; 
  • If you want to know your future, look at your present.

Background on love-the-jaws

  • love-the-jaws was originally set up as diary for random thoughts and general musings.
  • In Aug 2014, after much consideration, I decide to dedicate this blog for my reading whims.
  • This translates to posting of all things books: covers, reviews, blurbs, genre, quotes, links, etc.
  • Since then, love-the-jaws has undergone a major overhaul to a book review blog.
  • Much as changes dictate, love-the-jaws remains as the blog name though it is wiser to alter it to suit the market niche for practical reasons.
  • This is why.
  • I am Shelly and I go by the screen name, seashell. My significant other goes by jaws. My blog name love-the-jaws resides at http://seashell-love-the-jaws@blogspot.com
  • Got it?

Yours truly is contactable via:

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